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Inn Space: Episode Two

Dursten walks the hallways of the Gran Nebulae

After a much more restful sleep, Dursten arose quite early. He still wasn’t quite sure, or comfortable, with the idea of becoming the new night manager for the Inn. “I’m not qualified for managing a hotel and casino, I‘m a scientist for fuck sakes,” Dursten thought aloud. “Maybe, they’re just so short staffed that they’ll take anyone with any form of credentials.” Dursten shook his head in a ‘yeah, that must be it’ nod. But Dursten still felt that he’d be more comfortable solving differential equations than dealing with a teary-eyed waitress complaining that the people at table two didn’t tip her because they thought she was being rude. “Oh well,” he thought “that was in a different life, maybe I should just go with the flow for now.” Dursten proceeded to get dressed and felt a little hungry, so he thought he’d go downstairs to that little cafe just off the lobby.

As Dursten made his way to the lobby, he immediately started to giggle to himself and thought “I wonder if that snotty bitch is working the desk again? I’ll bet she’ll shit in her Kosmic Krispies when she finds out I’m the new night manager. Teph asked me to stop there before I start tonight, can‘t wait to see the expression on her face when she finds out.” As he looked around the lobby, he was quite amazed at how big the Inn actually was. The lobby was a large glassed covered atria that was filled with every type of tree and plant that he could name, and then some. Through the glass ceiling you could see the three room sections that sprawled out in different directions almost enveloping the main foyer and casino area. From the struts and girding of the room sections were many gas emitters that spewed out different colours of gasses. The gasses were then illuminated by complimentary coloured flood lighting. This gave the effect that the whole hotel was embedded in an artificial nebula. “Neat idea,” he thought for every room within the Inn would have a better view of this effect. As he scanned more of the lobby, he noticed that the desk clerk was not working, so he decided to make his way to the cafe to eat.
On his way, he saw Buz’zee waving from the far end of the lobby. Dursten stopped, for Buz’zee started to walk towards him. “Hi, Buz’zee,” Dursten said as she got close enough.
“Hi,” she responded. “You going to the cafe? Let me join you we’ve got a few things to talk about.”
Once they settled and Dursten had his meal ordered Buz’zee said, “Look’s like it’s me that will have to train you. Numb’nuts Chris, that traitor, jumped ship and moved to the Quantum Inn. He didn’t even have the courtesy to work out his notice.”
“Well I’m sure you can show me what I need to know. Shouldn’t be a problem with him leaving. Should it?”
“No, that’s not what I mean. Chris has worked with us for quite a while and has played quite the little gigolo while he was here, until recently. He and Mel’lonza r’Ehuge have been an item for quite a while now. I’m sure he’ll try to snag her to work there, and maybe more staff to work there too. We have a hard enough time keeping staff as it is. Mel’lonza is just too good to go to that dump.”
“Quantum Inn, isn’t that one of...”
“Yes, it’s owned by Lehst’r, so I’m just hoping that Mel’lonza has more sense than to work for that prick” Buz’zee cut in. “Anyway, when you start tonight go up each room wing of the Inn just to get familiar with the layout. It can be quite confusing. You’ll really need to know it in case you get called to rooms for a zeb ho, or some other problem.”
“Zeb? Are they still using that crap? I haven’t seen any of that since university.”
“Yeah, since the commonwealth fell, more and more people seem to be getting hooked on it again. Sign of the times I think.” Buz’zee said. “A lot of these girls have gotten so hooked, that they try to sell themselves to big winners in the Casino, or pull other scams. It always becomes our problem, though, when the dork realizes that he’s been scammed, and we have to deal with the zeb ho. So, when your finished walking the floors up top, come meet me in the Dining Room, and I’ll take you through the rest of the paces then.”
“Sounds good,” Dursten said then added, “Before you go. Last night before I came into the Honk’n’Holl’r, I stopped at the desk. One of the desk clerks was quite curt. She’s tall, brunette, pale complexion, and has very pretty blue eyes.”
Buz’zee started to chuckle aloud, “I think your referring to our General Manager, Que’nesh Eba, she stayed late last night because front desk had a few problems last night. And, you were a little late, weren’t you. Teph gave her the heads up on you. So what were you thinking, a little chat about courtesy to the desk clerk?” Buz’zee was in full giggles now.
“Well, not really,” Dursten said in full blush, “I just wanted to see the expression on her face when she found out I was the new Night Manager. I had no idea she was...” Dursten and Buz’zee were in all out laughter now. Buz’zee got up from the table and waved bye and mouthed the word ‘later’ because she couldn’t stop laughing. Dursten, still giggling, turned even more crimson, waved bye in response to Buz‘zee.
Dursten ate his meal quietly, and decided he might as well start walking the floors early because it would waste some time before he had to start his shift. “Besides,” he thought, “this place is so big, what if I really do get lost?” Dursten headed off to the first room wing, but not before stopping at an FYI pod to get a floor layout. According to the pod, each wing had nineteen floors in three separate zones that branched out in different directions, but each of the wings were identical to each other. It took Dursten almost two full hours to complete the walk, for he was trying to notice where everything was. He thought to himself that there is a lot of little nooks and crannies that one could hide in if they wanted to. When Dursten completed his round, he went down to the lobby heading for the cafe. He was still early to start his shift, and the idea of a coffee sounded good to him.
Dursten was seated at a table and ordered his coffee. A few minutes into it, Buz’zee came up from behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and proceeded to sit down with coffee in hand. “I thought so,” Buz’zee said, “I thought Chris might try to steal Mel’lonza. She just came in for work and gave me her notice, but she refuses to say where she is going.”
“Maybe it just coincidence in timing.”
“No, I’m sure of it. She wouldn’t look me in the eye she just handed me her notice. If she was going anywhere but to the Quantum, she’d tell me.”
“Any way we can change her mind?”
“I don’t think so. I offered her a raise in wages, but that didn’t do anything. I think the girl is just head-over-heels in love with that pig dog Chris. And she knows what I think about his womanizing. It‘s just too bad, she really is a good girl, and a good waitress.”
“I finished walking all the floors like you asked, so I’m ready for you anytime.” Dursten said.
“Good. It shouldn’t be a very busy night. There is no conventions booked in, or any tours, so it’s pretty much just stick with me for tonight.”
Buz’zee was right, the night was pretty slow. She walked Dursten through the rest of the Inn, and all departments. She laid out his responsibilities and duties that are expected, and mostly, they had many coffees throughout the night. The cafe is the first area to shut down for the night, and Dursten was shown how to prepare the daily receipts for deposit to the desk and for night audit. Next was the Dining Room, which has an identical procedure for shutting down. The Honk’n’Holl’r Sal’oon closes next, followed by the Black Hole Night Club. The casino never closes, and has its own method of daily cash reporting.
Just as the Dining Room was closed, Dursten was paged to the room by Buz’zee, and she said “Bring four fresh coffees and an ashtray to the Dining Room,” over the pager. As Dursten got the stuff and arrived in the Dining Room Buz’zee said to sit down and join them. “This is a Dining room tradition,” Buz’zee explained. “When it closes, we get together in here BS a little, have coffee, and smoke! And don’t tell Que’nesh we do this. She frowns on smoking anywhere in the Inn. Oh, before you sit down Dursten, would you go into the kitchen and get Rosy Mi’Kwacken, and tell her the coffees ready.”
“Sure.” Dursten said and went into the kitchen. Once in, Dursten could not see anyone in the kitchen, but noticed a large ladder set up in the middle of the cook’s line. “Rosy.” Dursten called out, “Buz’zee said to come for coffee.”
“I’ll be right down,” she said from atop the ladder. “The damn vents are not blowing properly again so I need to wipe them down. No one else in this damn kitchen will do this. Drives me crazy!”
“So your saying this isn’t a Mickey Mouse hotel, but work here long enough and you’ll be fucking Goofey when you leave!” Dursten said quite loud to talk over the fans.
Rosy burst into laughter and said “A smart ass have we, I can play with a smart ass. I think we’ll get along just fine. Tell Mugs I’ll be right in”
“Mugs?” Dursten enquired.
“Yeah, Mugs, that’s Buz’zee’s nickname around the hotel. She always has a coffee going in all departments when she does her rounds. And all cups are fresh and hot. We don’t know how she keeps them all going at once, so she got the nickname Mugs.”
Dursten laughed and went back into the Dining room. Rosy joined Dursten, Buz’zee, and Mel’lonza at the table a few minutes later. But just as the Bullshit session was getting into full swing, Tolby the bellman walked into the Dining room carrying a knapsack. “Hi guys. I just came to see if you’d like a ride home Mel’lonza. I just got my scoot-jumper out of the shop. It’s better than payin’ for a hopper ride.”
Mel’lonza thought about it for a minute and said “Sure, some of those hopper hacks have been real dickheads lately. I’ll be a few minutes though I’m just finishing up.”
“Okay,” Tolby said. “I’m doubled right beside the loading dock, you can’t miss me.” Tolby turned waving bye at all of us and walked right into the next table. “OOps, didn’t see that there.” he said and then proceeded to go out in the actual direction he came in.


Reality File:
-----Yeah, our bellman is clumsy too
-----Our dining room chef is the only one out of several people who work the kitchen that will climb a ladder to clean something out of reach. She does it to belittle her co-workers and it usually works. One of the guys usually, I mean might, get her off the ladder and finish it for her.
-----Yes, we really have bullshit sessions almost every night in the dining room, and we do smoke during them, us rebels
-----We don't acutally have a casino, but we do have video lottery teminals. We do get a lot of sketchy people trying to make a fast buck or make a 'sale' because of them. We spend a lot of out time monitoring them and evicting anyone sketchy
-----One of out training managers did jump ship and go work for the competition. We not a large city so all us in the business do get to know each other.

Real Correspondences: Really!
---Email One
  • Memmo
  • Re: Suspicious character
  • Post In all Departments
  • All staff and patrons are to be on the look out for this suspect lurking on deck, He has been seen fraternizing with kitchen staff. We suspect it has something to do with Sunday brunch. He is armed with only a knife, but no spoon or fork. So we have eliminated Room Service as a suspect area.

  • Report's are to be in your cubby holes by morning.
  • Thank you and carry on.

---End of Email One

---Email Two

Subject: Attention!!!

We must speak immediately, spelling now makes no difference.
K. has jumped ship and has given her 2 weeks notice, I suspect that traitor Chris is behind this revolt.
Also, The GM and CSM are at each other. Labour in the upper deck has soared to 27 %. I know not the solution.
We require your insight.
The upper deck will re-open on the first, but no new recruits have been brought aboard or trained in the proper manor.
They will not survive. The commanders word's were.
If you do not bring this under control in 6 days " I will shut you down again.
The offer is on the table.

I also cannot tip you for last night's fiasco. I should have tele-communicated with you at 2 in the morning.
Yes it was then I realized my f--- Up with the linen.
It is un forgivable and shall not happen again.
I must bite the bullet and punish myself by staying home today without pay from the commander.
I must go now and you will for-ever more not be relied on to handle late night infractions of the crew, you obviously can't handle the responsibility.
There for you are relieved of this duty until further A.M. communication's.

Forward: Re: Subject: Attention!!!
Hi Mugs,

So, the GM and the CSM are at it eh! It isn't going to be pretty when the damn thing opens again anyway. I don't even think Chef is staffed and prepared properly niether. I can't really see a solution, because the final product hasn't changed in concept or form. Unless 2 new food items on the menu and new serving aprons is considered a ground breaking marketing plan..teehee

So K. is leaving, damn. It took me almost 2 hours of 'playin' with spelling to get her character, Mel'lonza r'Ehuge's, name right. Tried every combination of big boobs I could think of for her moniker. And, for the traitor, I think we'll have to go down to the Q Inn one night and have a chat. That's three in total that he's tried to steal from us! I smell a round of Bar Wars comin on. Life of a write/editor (lol), go figure! Maybe, she'll be my first character kill-off for Inn space....

After work, Tolby the bellman offered to double skoot Mel'lonza a ride home and was hit by a......And Tolby is now bringing room services their silverware, but beverages are now being poured into plates with covers and a straw out the plate cover vent. "Well, they asked for a large pepsi," Tolby said deffensively and then turned and walked towards the kitchen away from Teph'lon Zoot, eventhough Teph was not finished with his reprimand. "Dohdeedohdeedhoh," Tolby murmured as he sontered into the out door of the kitchen.

.....Well, we'll see. Anyway, I hope Que'nesh Eba, er, I mean our illustrious commander doesn't stumble on this blog by accident, even if I am editing our emails. " Honk'n'Holl'r be damned! He's reffering to us! Off with his head I say!" tee hee.


-----End of email two

My Vents:
----No vents today other than my holidays are almost over. Damn!

Notes To Readers
----Added one more section to the blog: Real Correspondences: Really! These are real emails that we've been sending back and forth about work. I've only edited real names, and removed the formal header information. As I mentioned in the intro, we have been playing this game for a while. We are just fitting the emails with Inn Space fiction (those that are in on the game anyway).


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Inn Space, Episode two: Still in editing

Dursten Sha'wtz walks the hallways of Gran Nebulae

(Still In Edit)

Reality File:
------My Vaction must be taking its toll. Getting more emails, and maybe there's a little anxiety for some over my abscence. Red text in email is my additions for clarification:

email follows:
Subject: For God's Sake!!!

I was going to call you !
Did you happen to notice some dumb ass forgot to take the laundry last night ????
I was hopeing you would grab it ??? (Table Cloths, napkins, etc.) Did you ??? I have faith that you have not forgotten how after all these slack ass days of summer ! (I still show up late at night to keep up with the good stuff, and sorry I didn't notice the laundry)
Our new running man (My character Teph'lon Zoot) is so exhausted after getting liquid refreshments for the bridge (Bellman was actually off, not hiding, so Teph had to do all room services), that he has to come and relax in the cave of darkness (our staff area really is dungeonlike) with the head cave cooker (Our Dining Room Chef, character Rosy Mi'Kwaken, she will be introduced in episode 2, Her Duck L'Orange is to die for!) and star waitress (character Mel'lonza r'Ehuge, also intro-ed in Epsode 2), after closing.We cannot yet convince him to indulge in liquid gold (coffee--really!) or the ever sanity saving cancer stick (yeah, we all smoke), but I'm going to predict it won't be long, he will crumble under the pressure !
I'm sure he has a calendar that counts the days till Frank's (Dursten Sha'wtz, er, me) return !
Regards, mug's (Buz'zee Magzwell)
---end of email
My Vents:
-----No vents today, just a gloat or two. I like getting those kind of emails. They do miss me!!

Notes to Readers
-----Normally, I wouln't post until the fictional eposode is ready for posting just to keep the story somewhat parallel with the Reality File, so readers can see how I'm turning real events into a story. I'm actually writing Inn Space: The Adventures of Dursten Sha'wtz on Microsoft Works as one document. I'm cutting and pasting each episode into the Blog's editor and then adding the Reality File, My Vents and Notes to Readers sections. Blogger posts in a newest to oldest post format which puts the fiction in reverse order. If you would like to read the document which is in straight format without the added sections, just drop a note in the most current episode's comment, and I'll email the document to you. I tend to get kinda busy at times, but I will get to your requests.
Another reason I'm posting is cuz I got a 2-4-1 shot today. Foxxfyrre's Honk'nHoll'r made bestest blog of the day Thanks Bobby, and my art blog Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art Blog, made the Canadian spot on A World of Bloggers, Thanks Reeholio. Typeing here with my bottle of Grande Marnier and havin a double (maybe two). Cheers guys.

till then,

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Inn Space, Episode two: Still on Editor's desk

Dursten Sha'wtz walks the hallways of Gran Nebulae

(In edit)

Reality File
-----Eventhought I'm on holidays till the end of the month, things do happen
-----Recieved email memo from Department Head who I describe as Buz'zee Magzwell
email is as follows

This a memo to all staff and non staff, and anyone else who may need to know.
These new policies must be followed to the letter.
Any infractions by staff or customers will not be tolerated, and could result in days off with minimal contact with the outside world.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Nobody in particular
Pass'es Le" Buckets
---end email text
---Attachment followed email

----End Attachment
----I think she found this Blog

My Vents:
----Not really a vent, but I found this funny because I recieved the email above an hour after I posted episode one. So I know she read it first, because I placed her on Blog send from this site

Note's to Readers:
----I want to thank Bobby Griffin for choosing this site for Best Blog of the Day. Without BBOD, I think us 'newbie' bloggers might get lost in Blog Space somewhere--that would be a whole 'nother story. Hmmm, but now the pressures really on to get Dursten Sha'wtz's adventures to the presses. (Should that last statement have been in My Vents section?)

Thanks All
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Episode One

Dursten Spills a Drink
Day One at the Honk’n’Holl’r

It was a restless night for Dursten even though he had a comfortable bed to sleep on for a change. “Must be nerves,” he thought aloud as he wiped the crusted sleep from his eyes. Rolling over to find within him the energy to get out of bed, Dursten happened to glance at the time. With a jolt, he shot out of bed cursing himself, “Perfect, day one and I’m gonna be fuckin late.”

After quickly cleaning himself up, he rushed down to the main desk to ask for the manager as he was instructed the night before. “Is Mr. Zoot in, I’m supposed to meet him here, I start work tonight,” Dursten said in a nervous voice.

The clerk gave him the once over with nose in the air and said, “Yes, he is. I believe he is in the Honk’n’Holl’r Sal’oon waiting for you.”

“I know I’m late, but I’m new here. Can you point me to the Honk’n’Holl’r?”

Giving him a roll of the eyes, she pointed and said, “There’s an FYI Pod directly across the desk, but if you follow the mezzanine through the Casino, the Honk’n’Holl’r is left of Galaxy Keno Room.”

Dursten followed her directions to a tee, but did not find the Sal’oon. The casino was huge, and with all the slots, tables, and everything else designed to raid one’s wallet, it took a couple of minutes to find another FYI pod. When he found one, he realized that the clerk sent him in the opposite direction altogether. “What a snotty bitch,” he thought.

Dursten finally made it to the Sal’oon where he noticed the manager sitting close to the bar. Dursten was thinking what a good impression he’d make being almost twenty minutes late, but the manager noticed Dursten walk in and stood to greet him.

“Sorry I’m late Mr. Zoot, I had kind of a rough sleep last night.”

“Don’t worry about it. I thought you would. You did look pretty bad last night. Oh, and, we‘re pretty informal around here so don‘t call me Mr. Zoot. My name’s Teph’lonn, everybody just calls me Teph. Listen, I did some calls about you, and I know who you were before the commonwealth fell which tells me you are way too qualified to be just a bartender, but I know you can never return to your old life. So, I’ve got an opening for a Night Manager. Interested?”

“Well, yes, I guess so.” Dursten replied quite nervously because he did not realize he would be discovered so quickly.

“Look, you have nothing to worry about, I’ve already talked to the General Manager, Que’enesh Ehba, and she is in agreement with me. She doesn’t like Lehst'r’s politics anymore than you do. You’re quite safe here.”

“We’ll, when do I start?” Dursten replied much more confidently. Teph’s voice was quite calming and friendly. Dursten was much less nervous, especially with what Teph had to say.

“You won’t officially start until next week. Our current night manager has a week left of his notice, so he’ll start training you for that tomorrow. He is off work tonight. As for tonight, we are still short a bartender, so you might as well jump back there. You’ll need to be able fill any position throughout the Inn anyway. It’ll be a good starting point.”

Dursten and Teph shook hands, and Teph followed up with the ‘Welcome to the Team’ pleasantries. Teph escorted Dursten to the bar and was introduced to all the working staff. Teph mentioned that the girl who was currently bartending was the Dining Room Manager, Buz’zee Magzwell who also night manages for the regular manager’s nights off. “Sorry to interrupt Teph, but no one has been able to find Tolby for over an hour, and room services are backing up in the kitchen,” Buz’zee said with hint of anger in her tone.

“That little shit!” Teph said with an irritated edge to his voice, and continued as he hurried off, “If he’s hiding again watching old vid’s again I’ll...”

Dursten looked at Buz’zee with a short smirk on his face and asked, “Does that happen lots with this Tolby guy?”

Buz’zee noticed the smirk on Dursten’s face and started to grin herself “Well, only lately the kid’s been screwing up a lot.” she replied. “A couple of months back he was in a transport accident and the kid just hasn’t been the same since.”

“Transport accident? Was he hurt bad?”

“No, he didn’t seem to be at the time. He was walking behind the hotel waiting for his lift to go home and he walked right into a loading transport that was just landing. We didn‘t even know he had had an accident till the next day ‘cause he was all bruised up. Anyway, I should get you started. The evening rush should be coming in shortly”

Dursten went behind the bar and followed Buz’zee’s instructions on where everything was, what order to do things in, and the like. Dursten had done some bartending while attending university, but found that he was quite clumsy and out of practise. Buz’zee took his nervousness in stride and made him feel quite comfortable as the evening progressed.

About an hour and a half into the evening rush, Teph made and an appearance in the sal’oon but looked a little red-faced with anger. Buz’zee looked directly at him and simply said, “Well?”

“I found him!” Teph replied. “I found him in main storage, curled up on a cot sound asleep.”

“Did you fire him?”

“NO, I was too pissed off. I wrote him up and sent him home. Que’enesh will have to deal with him tomorrow.”

Teph then announced that it was a long day, and that he was going to go home for the night, but asked if Buz’zee had everything covered or needed anything before he left. He even enquired if Dursten was doing okay. “He’s fine.” she said with a giggle. “He’s only spilled a double cognac, a Bombay Sling, and a Freddy Fuddpucker so far. I just wonder if the Inn can afford him?...Just kidding. He‘s not as green as you said he was.”

“Good, I’ll see you guys tomorrow then.” Teph turned away from the bar, said goodnight to the rest of the wait staff and a couple of regulars.
The rest of the night went without a hitch, but by the end of the shift Dursten was pretty tired and was glad to get to his room at the end of the night.


Reality file:
-----Earlier last week our bellman did fall asleep in a storage room, and was found by another manager
-----He did get into a small accident a couple of months ago. He was riding his bike home and drove into a pick-up truck, no he wasn‘t hurt.
-----He has had a habit of disappearing lately, and turns his page radio off until he shows up.
-----No, he didn’t get fired, but was given one more chance to shape up (I found out by email from a co-worker). I have been on holiday’s from work and will probably have to deal with him when I return to work
-----My first bartending position (many years ago), I did spill exactly that round of drinks. My Head waitress made the ‘Can we afford him comment.’
-----My interview for my current position was exactly as short and to the point as Dursten’s (and I was 20 minutes late for it, but I got the job).

My Vents:
----As much as the bellman has been screwing up lately, he still is reliable and shows up every day at least. Lately, it has been very difficult to get staff, especially for positions like that. It took three months to even get a bellman last time we lost one.

Notes to readers;
I’ll try to post here as quickly as I can. Making the ‘reality file’ fit into a fictional framework might prove to be a little bit of a challenge, but I’ll keep pluggin away (please forgive grammatical errors, I‘m really not a writer, I‘m just having fun).
I’m thinking that the fastest I can update would probably be weekly, to post for early Monday morning. I think I’ll keep the format of the fiction for INN Space first, followed by the Reality File (which may not be chronological, just real events that I’ve formed into the fiction for that post. Then My Vents; which will be what either pissed me off about the incidents in the reality file, or why I found the thing funny in the first place, or usually both. And finally, Notes to readers: just info that I can relate to you about the blog, or why I can’t post this week, or format change etc, etc.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Inn Space


These are the adventures of the swishbuckeling swill-slinger Dursten Sh'awtz. A once well respected, and twice honoured astrophysicist and biomechanical engineer. His discovery and invention of the bionanotech-tachion vacuum lead to winning the esteemed Orion's Belt, and Caprica Bow Prizes for Scientific excellence and achievement. And no, the tachion vacuum is not a ship-maid's newest cleaning device, but rather a subatomic inertial/momentum dampening field creating a force vacuum around any transport. The BTV allows interspacial craft to accelerate under the minute atomic vibrations of the crafts structure and contents by the removal of any outside opposing forces within the field. The laminar flow of all solar tachion emissions allow for directional navigation of the field. Similar to a golf ball through a garden hose, but at hyperC velocities with no need for hazardous and unstable plasma-atomic propellants. His discovery became heralded as the Rocket Science to end the need for Rocket Science. But Dursten's illustrious career came to a screeching halt after political and economic upheaval.

Dursten's discovery and subsequent success was during the leadership of the Timmoni'an/Heinzaan Coalition's provisional government. Although the coalition began as a military coup to overthrow a harsh dictatorship, they realized after attaining power that they would have to form a governing body that was not purely militarized in order to avoid totalitarianism and rebellion. The Coalition formed a tribunal structured provisional government consisting of one member from the military, one citizen, and one member from the professional and science arenas. During Dursten's triumphs as a Scientist, the electorate tribunal consisted of a Timmoni'an, a Turneran, and a Bant'aan. Times could not have been better for Dursten, but there was a darkness brewing on the event horizon.

A small Minhera Class asteroid in the Hungroid System of asteroids known as Szaba-ol Prime always felt betrayed and repressed by the coalition. They believed that their citizens were being used as trade fodder for hard or unwanted labour because the asteroid offered little in way of resource wealth for the coalition. Although there was some truth in the Szaba-olian's view, their plight was mostly fuelled by misinformation and subterfuge of it's own citizens. Not least of which was a half-crazed power hungry Szaba-olian known only as Lehst'r who had despotism and rebellion on his mind. If nothing else, Lehst'r was a charismatic, yet cunning, orator and had the masses of Szab-olians prepped for uprising.

War was swift, calculated, and almost bloodless. The coalition was not prepared, nor believed the propaganda. For they could not believe any members of the commonwealth could be so discontented to go to such extremes. Especially, because of the peace and prosperity enjoyed by their leadership. Naivety was their downfall, and dark times were upon all.

Lehst'r installed himself as sole emperor, and quickly proved to be the full fascist despot he dreamed of becoming. Loyalty was highly priced, but punishment was swift and at an even steeper price. The common luxuries and successes previously enjoyed by commonwealth denizens were stripped and repressed, especially for those that have achieved notoriety within the provisional government.

For Dursten, the darkness had fallen. Reduced of status, wealth, and publicly ridiculed, Dursten was banished from his home world, left to wander the galaxy panhandling for his next meal, which were few and far between. Much time, and many hunger pangs had passed until one fateful day, Dursten hobo-ed a ride in a cargo hold of an interstellar carrier. Fearing of his getting caught, Dursten ditched the transport at one of its loading stops. Hiding out in the receiving area for what seemed like eons, he was finally caught by a couple of loaders and what seemed like a manager of some standing due to his more formal attire. Although Dursten had no idea where he really was, he was quick on his feet and talked the manager out of calling authorities. Further explaining his predicament to the manager, Dursten was able to talk the manager into short time work in exchange for food and possible lodging. The manager took it in good humour for he became aware that Dursten did not realize that he was in the space dock of the only Inn and Casino within light days of the Timmoni'an home world. Prepared for any offering, Dursten took a part time position bartending in the Gran Nebulae Inn's Honk'n'Holl'r Sal'oon. The Gran Nebulae's two black hole rating out of four holes, and a reputation with as much gravity pull, was not well known to Dursten, but Dursten had a feeling that his adventure was just beginning.....



For fun and venting, introduction

Let's start by some info that might make this site make some sense to people. I am a night manager of a resonable large hotel within the city. Through the years I've probaly seen just about everything from funny to weird to just aggravating to deal with. Some of which has originated with clientelle incidents, and some of the weird and funny (and aggravating) came from staff incidents. A co-working manager and I have created a little game where we have renamed all working staff and the areas that they work in just so we could talk freely amongst the staff and not have the 'my ears are burning' syndrome. For example, we have one waitress we call Dianne (Dianne Chambers from Cheers), and regular patrons we call Cliff and Norm. And if our conversation has been overheard, they might say "I dont remember that episode", and we'll respond with something of the like "It's the episode where Woody's dad wanted him to return home, you remember". Works like a charm--and sometimes they even respond with bits of an episode that they remember.
This game of ours expanded into email posts, even through netwoked computers at work, and all the while everyone has been clueless about the origin and the scenarios that have been played out.
But now its grown. So much so, that I have worked on creating a whole setting in which I could play out the silliness, and maybe vent a little.
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