Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Twelve Blogging days of Christmas: Day Three

O n the third day of Christmas my true love said to me, "What are you doing with all this stuff on the table."
"I'm gathering three of everything I like, and dislike, things I want to learn, and other stuff so I can take pictures of them."
"Why do you want to take pictures of all this junk?'
"Because I found a neat meme on Irene's blog about Threes that I want to do."
"I figured it would have to do with blogging. You better put all this stuff away when your done."
"I will."
"Now where are you going?"
"To Jodi's room, I want to find some of her comics that she drew, I love them."
"Which comics, I think you should ask her before you put them on that blog thingy of yours."
"I already did. She liked the idea."

"You're going to use this one. I don't think you told her that."

"Yeah I'm going to use it. I like her quirky comics. There's never any dialog in them just George and the Fred and the bad luck they usually have. Like this one, George gets the idea to start a lemonade stand then it starts raining."
"I don't think that she'll like you using George and Fred the Armadillo comic. She hasn't even told George that she is drawing comics about him."
"I'm not going to tell the whole blog world that my daughter draws comics of her boyfriend and an armadillo just to poke fun at his big nose."
"I hope not, we poke enough fun about it around here, especially you."
"He knows that it's all in good fun. He's not that nasal, I mean anal about it."
"Well, you'd better hurry up. It's Wednesday night, well early Thursday morning, and you know what that means. And I don't want you falling asleep at that computer again today."
"Ooh, I nearly forgot superhero night.
Give me ten more minutes and I'll be right there hon. How about Marc Anthony and Cleopatra"
"Marc Anthony? You know I like my superheros."
"Well he is in a way a superhero of history, afterall he stole the Queen of the Nile's heart, and you know that Pharoh's were reveered as Gods."
"Yeah, but didn't Liz Taylor get bit in the asp in the end."
"Lola, really! I'll be there in a few minutes. You go get ready."
"Marc Anthony! Marc Anthony! Take me and all of Egypt!"
"Marc. Hey Marc."
"Frank, Yoohoo....Shit. No wonder Rome fell in a day."

Two Mimi Writes
A nd a Gem-osophy once known as "Staircase Wit"

Merry Christmas


Irene said...


That's three joyful hollers coming at ya from the loony muse of (wholesome)threesomes!

What a fabulously clever idea to do the 12 Blogging Days of Christmas!

You sure know how to take blogging to a higher, more interesting level, Santa Frank.

Woohoo!!! ;p

Anonymous said...

This is a very clever idea and a great traffic builder. Your daughter is a peach, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I forgot to say. And a good artist (like her pop!)

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