Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Twelve Blogging days of Christmas: Day Five

On the Fifth day of Christmas my true love said to me, "Here, drink this you'll feel better."
"I hope so cause this really sucks. What is it, it looks kind of yucky."
"Never mind what it is, just drink it. We've got to get your temperature down, it's still too high."
"Is there any rum in it? A hot toddy sounds like just the ticket."
"No, but it will make you feel better."
"Rather have a couple of hot toddy's, maybe four, then I won't care how shitty I feel right now."
"No, this will do just fine."
"Gross, what the heck did you put in this?"
"Never mind, just drink it. It will make you feel a little better."
"Well if it won't cure me, it will definitely kill me. Maybe a little rum in it will help."
"No, no rum. Last thing I need is you sick, and hung-over. "
"Okay, okay, I'll drink it. Maybe a little shot of rum to wash it down after."
"Okay, I'm just joking, but this is really gross. Tastes like caster oil mixed with sand. Where did you find this concoction."
"It's an old recipe of my mother's, she used to call it pixie juice."
"They had pixies in Poland?"
"Of course they had pixies, and fairies in Poland. All over Europe, but in Poland there's about 10 different kinds of pixies and fairies, some good pixies and some evil pixies, most of which you'd never be able to pronounce."
"I think this must be the evil pixie juice, no good pixie could make anything taste this bad."
"Just drink it. It aways made me feel better after."
"That's just the sense of victory for being able to finish it."
"Okay, I'm done. Now about that hot toddy."
"Just joking. There's really that many types of pixies and fairies in Poland?"
"Yes, there's all kinds. Most countries in Eupore had some type of pixie or fairie lore. In Poland there's jarmark, targ, targi, piękny, jasny, prawy, słuszny, and uczciwy which are various types of fairies, and there's chochlik, wróżka which are pixies."
"Chocolate is a type of pixie? Maybe that's where brownies come from."
"Chochlik, not chocolate, I told you you'd never pronounce them. And yes, a chochliki is a type of brownie."
"I've been reading a lot about brownies, pixies and fairies on Laura's blog Fungi Thinking. There is lots of information about fungi, and anything pixie. There's even recipes that you can make from the fungi. Maybe you should check it out. There might be a better tasting recipe for pixie juice there."
"Really. All of her information on fungi include poisonous ones."
"I guess so, she writes about all types of fungi, and even has a contest to identify them. Why do you ask?"
"Keep it up."
"Funny thing, I feel so much better now."
"Keep it up."

Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

That fungi blog sounds. I'll give it a look. Keep up the great work, Frank. I'm hooked.

Lizza said...

Haha! Another funny post for the series. Wishing you some great pixie magic! And maybe some fungi fun as well. :-)

Laura said...

He-hey! Taking a pixie break right now (with pixie husband). Will be back in the pixie domain soon. Go and check out the mushrooms in my absence. Thanks Frank for tuneful laughs.

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